Banyan Fields Primary School colour run

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Friday 13th Oct 2023
BFPS Colour Run – Event Photography

We were lucky enough to head down to the BFPS colour run school fundraiser and Photograph this Event.

As this is a fundraiser event for the school, we are donating 40% of all profits back to the school!

You can either purchase digital downloads of your chosen photos and/or printed photos with free delivery in the Carrum Downs area.

Have a look below at the FAQ for more information

To view the complete gallery you will need the access password supplied by the school.


Goto the Gallery

Frequently asked Questions

To view all the images, Head over to the Gallery here and then you will need an access password supplied by BFPS – If you don’t have this password, Please either contact the school or contact us here

We are offering Digital Downs and Printed Photos from this event.

Digital Downloads >

Once purchased, You will be instantly emailed a download link allowing you to download the image without any watermark or logo. You are then free to do what you please with the image.

Printed Photos >

You can purchase printed images from this event. We are offering free delivery of these images to Carrum Downs, or via the school.
Printed Photos take Approx 3 Weeks to be delivered.

We are already offering affordable pricing for this event as it is a Fundraiser for BFPS, 40% of our profits will be donated back to the school. As well as offering our time for no charge. But YES, you can receive a discount if you purchase more images with our buy more discounts.