What is Action-based Photography?

Action based photography captures the excitement of a moment in time. Whether it’s an athlete competing during a sports game, or a child playing at the park, action photos are all about capturing the energy and movement of the subject.

Action-based photography, often referred to as “action photography” or “sports photography,” focuses on capturing dynamic and fast-moving subjects or events. This style is characterized by its ability to freeze a moment in time, preserving the energy, excitement, and intensity of an action-packed scene.

Key characteristics of action-based photography include:

Action-based photography often seeks to capture the emotions, determination, and expressions of the subjects involved. This can include the joy of victory, the intensity of competition, or the concentration of athletes.

Action photography can also be used to tell a story about an event or activity. It may involve capturing a sequence of shots to depict the progression of action or to document a specific moment of significance.

While action photography is not limited to sports, it is commonly associated with capturing sports events, such as football games, track and field events, or extreme sports like surfing, skiing, or rock climbing.

The primary goal of action-based photography is to capture subjects in motion.

Action-based photography for us has been the cornerstone for what we have achieved. Our foundations and what really got us going and created that passion was going out, photographing our local football team, Our Partners, Our kids playing the sports that they loved and wanting to capture those moments. 

Action-based Photography has played a huge part in creating what we want to create, It has provided the experience and knowledge that we want to past onto our clients, and provide long lasting memories for all of our subjects.

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